Anchor linking

Anchor linking is commonly used when linking someone to a specific section of a page or on a one-page website.

Here's how to set it up;

What is anchor linking?

Anchor linking adds an HTML ID (which will be referred to as "section name") to a section, this section name may be appended to the end of that pages URL after an added # sign, then that # and section name would push the visitor to that specific, anchor-linked section.

How to set up an anchor link?

You may do so within the section's toolbar, simply hover the section and use the Anchor Icon to set an anchor link title which may then be used for linking.

How does it work?

To best explain this, we'll run through an example. Using the webinars page as an example.

In this case, if I want to link someone to the recorded webinar section where they would enter their information, I would assign that section the title "recorded" in the toolbar of the recorded webinar section after clicking the anchor icon. Then publish.

After publishing, I'll be able to send someone to and the visitor will be scrolled directly to that section.

Additionally, I can use # links in the buttons/text links within that page to push to that section.

Tip: If you're linking to a section within the same page, simply input "#section-name" rather than the entire URL, this will avoid the page having to reload. However, if linking to a section in a page the visitor is not currently on, you'll have to input the entire URL with that # and section name after it.