Enabling AMP pages

How do I enable AMP pages for my articles (blog posts) within Unstack?

Plan Requirement: Full+

  1. Navigate to the Settings Page within Unstack
  2. Scroll to the bottom in search of the checkbox labeled "Enable AMP pages for your blog posts"

    Chris Cardones settings 2020-09-11 at 12.39.15 PM
  3. Once the checkbox is checked, AMP will become enabled for your blog posts


Problem Suggestion
I don't have the ability to change the checkbox? You must be an Admin or Account Owner to adjust these settings. Please contact your account's Admin(s)/AO for help.
Google Search Console is saying some of my AMP pages are facing errors? This can occur, it is mostly user error since AMP is an extremely strict configuration. However, fixing AMP issues is relatively easy, the hard part is locating the specific element that is being flagged as Non-AMP-Compliant. To discover this element please peruse this document: AMP Troubleshooting.