Google Analytics doesn't match Unstack Insights

Unstack and Google have two differing methodologies on tracking, thus, a difference in statistics between the provider are mildly common.

The basics you need to know

  • GA tracks unique users across devices and browsers and has more permanent cookies on people. For this reason, we may count someone as 2 distinct users where Google knows them to be the same person. Thus, their Uniques will be a little lower than ours.
  • Google's Session only lasts 4 hours after exit. Ours lasts 24 hours, as long as the user comes back as direct type-in. Thus, Google's Sessions-per-Unique will be inflated over ours. We've considered revising this to match their number, just to keep the numbers more aligned, though we believe 24 hours is a more reasonable figure for our users' purposes.
  • We don't count page refreshes as Pageviews, where GA does. For that reason, GA's pageview numbers will be inflated over ours.
  • GA goes based on the visitor's timezone, whereas, Unstack uses GMT across the board. So, for example, you had 1,000 visitors from China visiting 6 hours ago, they would be counted as August 27th visits to Google. In Unstack, they are considered August 26th.