Having a form prefill calendly

Use Case

You want to leverage our insights tool, however, you'll like your visitor to book a meeting right away.


Using a form then passing the form data to Calendly, so we can count that conversion metric, however, never ask for the same information twice.

Setting it Up


First, you're going to use an Unstack form and have it's On Submit set to "GET to a URL."

Next, let's decide what we want to collect in that form and pass to Calendly, anything can be passed, however, you'll need to do a bit of customization.

Fields that Automatically Work;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email


In order to setup the advanced version, you'll need to refer to Calendly's help docs and get the names or URL parameter names for each attribute you'd like to push from an Unstack form to a Calendly Booking Page.

See Calendly's documentation here.

Once you have this, you'll use the parameter's name and fill it into the field's name input which can be found by clicking the Pencil icon in the form editor then it's the last available field.

Note: This will throw off the names of things in your CRM. However, if that's okay, feel free to work with this setup.