Integrating with Avochato

How do I add my Avochato widget into my Unstack website?

  1. Navigate into Avochato Account Settings:
  2. Once within Avochato Account Settings, click “Website Widgets”:
  3. Click “+ New” if you don’t already have a website widget ready. Once you do have a widget ready, click “Go Live” to access the Javascript we’ll need for embedding it within Unstack:
  4. Once on the Go Live page, click Copy Widget Code:
  5. Now with this code copied to your clipboard, you’re going to navigate into the Unstack app and go to the Integrations page.
  6. Once on the integrations page, scroll down to the custom integrations section and click (+) to add a new custom integration:
  7. Once you’ve clicked the (+) icon a drawer with three inputs will open.
    1. Integration name: Avochato Widget
    2. Page Placement: Header
    3. Script: Paste in your Avochato Script that is currently copied to your clipboard
  8. Once done the drawer should look like this:
  9. Finally, click Save Integration and now refresh your site and the Avochato widget should appear.