Integrating with Klaviyo

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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email marketing and CRM suite that companies small to enterprise use to perfect their communications!

How do we Integrate?

  • Javascript Code for Tracking
    • We embed the Klaviyo Javascript code into your website so you can track when email marketing subscribers click a link and land on your website.
  • API Contacts Sync
    • We sync your Klaviyo and Unstack contacts so information in both databases is up-to-date.
  • Push to List Functionality
    • Ability to push a form fill information to a Klaviyo list.
  • Embed Form
    • Ability to embed a Klaviyo form into a CTA section and more.

Setting Up

What you'll need;

1. Head over to the integrations page with your Klaviyo API keys ready


Within that modal, you'll input those API keys you went and found within Klaviyo;

You'll notice Public Key is required, however, the Private API key is optional. The reason why is because Public Key will add the Javascript to your website, whereas, the Private API will import your Klaviyo contacts, keep ongoing sync, and allow you to push Unstack form fills to Klaviyo lists.

2. Click "Connect account"

This might take a second, we're doing a bit of work in the backend, please leave this tab open until the modal closes.

3. Green Light

Embedding a Klaviyo native form

To use a Klaviyo form, simply add the form via the Lightning Bolt icon or "Add Form" button, select "Klaviyo" from the form type dropdown and input the Klaviyo form ID you'd like to embed which may be found in the URL of that form.

This form ID should not contain the preceding or following "/"s. Additionally, the form ID is case sensitive, please copy exactly.

Pushing an Unstack form submission to a Klaviyo list

Note: this will require an active Klaviyo connection. If connected and the dropdown isn't loading, try refreshing your page.

Click the form, then within the right side modal scroll to the bottom where you'll see a dropdown with a label above is stating "Add to Klaviyo list" then use that dropdown to select which list we should push these contacts into within HubSpot.

This will add the contact to the Klaviyo list in a subscribed status.