Integrating with Zapier

The Zapier integration is currently in BETA, however, all Full+ users have access.

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Gaining Access to this Integration

Zapier Side

To gain access to the Unstack integration within Zapier, simply search for Unstack within Zapier or go to this link:

Authenticating within Zapier

Go to " my apps" within Zapier and search "Unstack" you should see the following:

Go ahead and click "Unstack (1.0.0)" this will launch the authentication modal.

Once the authentication modal is launched it will request an API Key and Site ID both of which we'll find within the integrations page within Unstack.

Within the integrations page you'll scroll to Zapier's row under "CRM" and click the plus sign to the right of it. This will open a modal showing your Site ID, then you'll only need to click "Generate API Key" to have both required keys for authentication.

Now that you have those two keys, copy them and paste them into their respective fields in the Zapier authentication modal.

Click "Yes, continue" to have Zapier verify the ID and Key then add Unstack's integration into your Zapier account.


Error: Authentication not accepted.

Causes: Either the ID/Key is wrong and needs to be corrected or another Zapier account has already connected to your Unstack site.

Fix: Regenerate your API Key

Setting up a Zap

Go to your Zapier Dashboard and click "Make a Zap"

Search and select Unstack (1.0.0) as the app. (note: this integration is currently only supported as a trigger)

Once you reach the "Find Data" step and you see the blue "Test trigger" button you'll want to open, in a new tab, one of your Unstack site's pages with a form on it.

Then, submit that form and quickly return to Zapier and click the blue "Test trigger" button, you should then see that form's data appear in Zapier along with some additional data we'll cover next.

You're all set, you can now move forward in building this zap by connecting Unstack with another Zapier supported integration.

What data we send into Zapier

We send 7 categories of beneficial data.

  1. Form data: what the user submitted into this specific form
  2. Form identifiers: the ID and name of the submitted form
  3. Visit data: their UTM source, campaign, medium, click ID, and visit ID
  4. Company data: company name, ID, created at, address, and more
  5. Contact data: all information the Unstack CRM has on this contact including name, email, phone, and more
  6. Pageview data: pageview ID
  7. Querystring: parameters in the URL present upon form submission

Regenerating your API Key

Head into the Unstack integrations page and click the edit button to the right of the Zapier row under "CRM"

Click the edit then click the "Refresh API Key" button.

Reconnect Zapier by following the connection steps above.