One-time Payments through Stripe Integration

How do I charge a visitor for a one-time payment within an Unstack page?

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Note: This feature is still in ALPHA meaning, we're still updating and progressing on it. If you have feedback, please use this form to submit it.

One-time payments make it easy to charge visitors directly within Unstack and record that charge within the Unstack CRM.

In order to begin this setup you'll need the following:

Once you have that, you may begin through these steps:

  1. Go to the payments page on the left navigation bar
  2. Click "+ New Product" in the upper right corner
  3. Add in the information for your product including: the Internal Name, Price, and billing Frequency
  4. Click Save to activate this payment option

After having that new product option setup, you may now input payment forms into pages by clicking the Lightening Bolt Icon and selecting "Payment" from the options drawer which will launch a drawer in which you may select that newly created product option.

What is happening behind the scenes?

When you create a new product within Unstack, we'll take the information provided to go and create that product within Stripe. However, this is a one-way sync, if you update that product's information within Stripe, it will not (currently) update within Unstack.