Setting up a custom integration

Adding a set of code to the header, top of body, or bottom of body for all your pages.

What is a Custom Integration?

Custom Integrations refer to installing Javascript, HTML, or CSS into the header, top of the body, or bottom of the body.

When would I use one?

If a 3rd-party service you're using that we don't already natively support requires Javascript to be installed into your website.

Setting One Up

First, go to the Integrations page in-app > scroll to the bottom > click the + icon to the right of custom integrations.

Then, in the modal that launches, provide a name to the Custom Integration, for good organization, we suggest naming it the name of the application you're installing.

Possible page placements;

  • Header: within the <head> </head> tags
  • Top of Body: placed directly after the <body> tag
  • Bottom of Body: placed directly before the </body> tag


This is where you may place the Javascript or CSS you're like to install into your website.

Note About CSS: we recommend setting placement for CSS installs to the "Header."