Slack Community #Guide

A guide to using the Unstack Slack Community

What do I do on day one?

First off, welcome to the community, we're thrilled you have joined us!

👋 Wave hello to your fellow Unstacks by introducing yourself in #welcome

⚡️ Engage in casual conversation in #watercooler

👀 Check out what others have shared in #sharing

⭐️ Add your pronouns to your full name in Slack

Table of Contents

What channel should I use?

Channel Name


When to use it

#welcome Introduce yourself to fellow Unstackers, say hello to new community members, and network.

Post once when you first join and comment on others' hello posts

#watercooler Engage in casual conversation with fellow Unstackers, start conversations, and more. Any day! Jump on in to ask a question, run a poll, or share what you did over the weekend. (See: appropriate content)
#sharing Share content you have created whether it be a blog, case study, new website, or more. Up to three times per week, and all content must follow our appropriate content guidelines.
#design Ask design questions, get site feedback, or raise a poll. Whenever you've got a design question!
#promote Got a side-hustle/webinar/event you'd like to promote to others? Share it here. Up to once per week, and posts should follow our promotional guidelines.
#milestones Share Unstack-related milestones like traffic, CRM contacts, and more. Whenever you use a new feature you love, hit a new traffic goal, or post your first blog!
#feature-requests Wanting to see something new in Unstack? Raise it here. Whenever—we're all ears.
#community-support Have a quick question? Drop it here to get help from fellow Unstackers and non-support team members. Whenever—give and take.


Help us provide everyone with a more inclusive space by adding your pronouns to your Slack profile. This is a completely free and easy thing to do that makes our community a more inclusive space for those within the LGBTQIA+ community.

What are my pronouns?

We're not here to define anyone's pronouns, but if you're not sure or want more information, we like this resource from Out & Equal. (Hint: There's lots of great info here, but the pronoun chart is on pg. 7 if you want to reference it!)

Where do I add my pronouns?

Great question. In Slack, we show your "Display name." You can either add your pronouns there, or you can follow the Unstack team and add it into your "Full name" so people can see these when they click your profile.


  1. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner and then click "Edit Profile."
  2. Adjust your "Full name" to append your pronouns to the end.
  3. Click "Save Changes."


  1. Click "You" in the bottom toolbar > Click "View profile" > Click "Edit Profile."

  2. Add your pronouns to your "Full name."
  3. Click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner.


Appropriate content

Although we will outline the content that would usually be deemed appropriate, we always will hold the ability to make a decision at our own discretion.

Content Type: The content being shared outside of the #promote channel should be informational, beneficial, and focused on adding value. It should not directly push the reader to sign up or buy something.

Explicit Content: Explicit content will never be allowed in the community. Usage of swear-words, hate speech, adult imagery, or anything else which would, by a reasonable person, be deemed "explicit" or "unfit for the general public" shall be grounds for immediate removal from the community.

Channel of Distribution: Content shall always be published in its rightful channel and that channel should always be public. DM's are not allowed unless someone, within a public channel, gives you permission to DM them.

Private Channels and DMs

  1. DM-ing is not allowed unless the other person specifically provided permission for the DM to happen within a public channel.
  2. Private channels may only be created and moderated by an Unstack team member.

Acceptance and Pronoun Usage

(Pronoun Specific): If someone's pronouns are stated within their profile and/or they have actively attempted to correct you and you do not use their pronouns thereafter, you will be banned. Here at Unstack, we view this as a form of active and willful harassment.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, intolerance, and misogyny. Here is what will happen should you be reported or suspected of violating this policy:

  1. We will review the interaction message by message.
  2. At least two members of the Unstack team will review separately to see if from the eye of a reasonable person your message(s) are seen to be a violation of our zero-tolerance policy.
  3. If found in violation, you will be banned from the community.