Transferring Account Ownership

How do I make someone else the account owner for my site?

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  1. While logged in as the current Account Owner, go to the Settings page within Unstack
  2. Once there, click the Users already on the account whom you'd like to make the new Account Owner
  3. Click the dropdown below "Role" and select "Account Owner."
  4. Scroll down and click "Update User," then click "Okay" in the confirmation prompt that appears

What happens if the Account Owner is unavailable?

Support cannot adjust the account owner for you unless the current account owner authorizes it through their verified email (or they verify themselves through another email).

What is the account owner left the company?

We'll reach out to them to verify these details. We'd also need internal documents proving this occurred. We cannot accept these documents/details from emails outside the domain the original email is.

What if the account owner has passed or fallen ill?

Death of account owner Send verifying documents to support from an official, government source.
Prolonged illness of the account owner The account owner must write to us, unless someone has been granted their Power of Attorney in which that person may contact us with verification of the Authorized and Notarized approved POA.