A/B Test Results

A/B test results go over the outcome of a specific test done in the Unstack app. They can be found in Insights under test results.


  • Page: where the test was performed
  • Test: name of the test set by user who began it
  • Status: the test's current status (active = running | ended = finished/stopped)
  • Started: date the test begin in yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Ended: date the test finished/stopped in yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Variants: metrics specific to each variant that was being tested
  • Confidence: percentage of confidence that the winning variant is correct.


  • Name: name of variant: control is original, variant is change being tested
  • Uniques: how many unique persons have viewed that variant
  • Conversions: number of times a unique has completed the set conversion metric
  • Conversion Rate (Conv. Rate): the number of unique divided by conversions
  • Winner: whether or not this variant was the higher-performing during the set testing period