Hyperlinking text

Adding a hyperlink

When adding links to text, you simply, highlight the text you would like to link and click the ๐Ÿ”— icon in the toolbar.

You can either use full URLs for links or you can use our smart linking feature.

Opening in a new tab

When you'd like a link (body, text, or button) to open in a new tab, simply click the new tab icon next to the input used for entering the URL or smart link.

Removing a hyperlink

To remove the hyperlink, simply re-select the text you linked and use the remove formatting button or you can re-click the link icon and click the X button.

Styling a hyperlink

Link styling happens in the styles manager. The color of a link is controlled by the action link's color.

Note: you should use the "T" icons to toggle how this would look on light and dark background, you can also individually style for light and dark.

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