Getting Started with Page Editor

Welcome to the Unstack page editor, an easy, modern experience. Let's chat about the editor and how to navigate it.

About the Editor

We are a component-based editor, so your customizations to a page all happen within each-and-every section.

How to edit a section

Section editing can be entirely handled within the toolbar, in fact, the toolbar is what we call the powerhouse of the page editor since it controls so much.

Within a section there are 2-3 types of toolbars:

Section Toolbar

Element Toolbar

Text Toolbar

These toolbars hold different types of editing tools that we'll go over now.

Adding A New Section

To add a new section, hover the bottom of your currently focused section and click the add section button which will appear.

Tip: If you scroll horizontally to the right, you'll stumble upon our template sections which you can use to gain inspiration as to what you can do with section types.

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