Dynamic Text Replacement

Setting Up a Dynamic Text Replacement


In the text editor add handlebars like this {{ parameter | default }} replacing the parameter with the URL query you'd like for Unstack to pull in and render there.


Add a default value after the "|" to be rendered in the case that the parameter is missing.


Your DTR should look like this: {{ first | there }} in this case, this will pull in the value found in the URL after ?first= or, if first= doesn't exist it'll use "there" in it's place.

We only use the default if the parameter doesn't exist, we do not auto-detect if it's empty thus ?first= would not trigger the default, ?first= would have to be excluded from the URL to trigger the default to render.

Reserved Parameters

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_content
  • utm_term
  • utm_click_id (any value originally passed to Unstack as "click_id")

Reserved meaning, these will always have some auto-detected or hard-coded (from the URL) value.

Special note: when traffic arrives at your Unstack site with no UTM parameters specified, we use UTM-inference to generate source information for your users. For example, users who arrived at your site by clicking a Google link will have utm_source=google and utm_medium=organic-search.  All of these inferred UTMs will have utm_campaign=spark-autofill, which will let your external system know that these UTMs came from us.
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