Configuring Custom Domain

If you're on a free plan, you will only receive one DNS record due to not having SSL enabled for your account.



Your first step will be setting up your custom domain within the application in order to generate the DNS records that you'll need to add to your DNS registrar.

Begin this process by going to the settings page within the app and selecting custom domain:

Next, once the drawer opens you'll input your domain name which may follow the following format: [prefix].[root].[suffix], thus, this domain would be accepted: and, however, these would not be: or

Once you've entered the domain, click "Set domain" this will generate the first DNS record.

Next, if you're on a paying plan, you'll have the choice to enable SSL which we highly recommend if applicable. You can enable this by clicking "Add SSL".


Once you've gone through the process of generating those records you should see the following:


Now, please refer to the specific instructions for adding that DNS into your registrar like: GoDaddy, Google Domains, and others.

Find Your Registrar's Setup Instructions

Registrar Specific Information

Registrars we have written on

Google Domains


Login to Google Domains and select the domain you'd like to edit:

Once your there, select DNS from the left sidebar:

Then, scroll to "Custom resource records", this is where you'll add the records from Unstack


Once there, you'll add each of the 1-3 records in following this format:

The "TTL" may be 5M


Once all 1-3 records are added, it should look like this:

After that, your site will be live within 24-48 hours.


Additionally, GoDaddy has some great documentation on this process, thus, we'll "hand the mic" off to them:

ionos (1and1)

Coming Soon



Login to Cloudflare and head the main dashboard where your domains will be listed.

Once you're here select the domain you'd like to edit:

Next, after you've selected the domain you'd like to edit you'll select "DNS" from the top menu:


Once you've reached the DNS manager, you're going to add each record one-by-one by first clicking "+ Add Record"

Then, you'll fill out the form in the following format:

You need to shut off proxying:

The proxy status should read "DNS Only":


Once you've added those 1-3 records, it should look like this:

After it looks like this, within 24-48 hours your site will be live!


Coming Soon


Quick favor - can you submit your DNS registrar here so we know to write a doc on it: OPEN SURVEY

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