Setting up multiple blogs

Sometimes, one blog isn't enough for your business, so here at Unstack, we support as many as you need!

What is multi-blog support?

Multi-blog support is the ability to house different blogs on your Unstack site. This means you can have a blog for "Company Updates" another for "Best Advice" and another for "Knowledge Base" all with different base URLs!

This makes it easy to use blogging or the base blogging feature to it's fullest extend.

When to use it?

Any time you feel it works best. As for a pro-tip, we're right now suggesting having one general, SEO seeking blog, and another knowledge base blog for user education and resource.

How to set it up

This one is easy! Head over to the blogging section in-app, at the bottom of the page you should see "Blogs can be used for articles, help docs, case studies, and more. Create another blog"

Click "Create another blog"

Done! Now you have another blog so you may keep your content organized.

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